четвртак, 30. октобар 2008.

The Encyclopedia of Celtic Mythology and Folklore

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Encyclopedia of the Renaissance and the Reformation

Формат: пдф/рар/6.7 МБ

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Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire

Формат: пдф/рар/18.4 МБ

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Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ANCIENT EGYPT is the first single-volume reference guide to the remarkable culture that flourished on the banks of the Nile from the predynastic period, 3200 B.C., to the fall of the New Kingdom in 1070 B.C.
Illustrated with more than 175 line drawings, maps, and time charts, over 1,500 entries span all the gods, rulers, cities, and themes important in ancient Egypt, including:
-Art and Architecture
-The Sphinx
-The Military
In addition, several extensive essays on such key topics as astronomy, mortuary rituals, agriculture, further illuminate this fascinating period of civilization.

Формат: пдф/рар/4.3 МБ

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Encyclopedia of Ancient Asian Civilizations

Формат: пдф/рар/4.9 МБ

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Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology

The Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology provides a unique guide to the ideas, arguments and history of the discipline which discusses human social and cultural life in all its diversity and difference.
Theory, ethnography and history are combined in over 230 substantial entries on topics as wide ranging as race, postmodernism, witchcraft and essentialism, magic and methodology.
Areas covered
* History of anthropological research, colonialism, orientalism and occidentalism, theories of culture and society
* Kinship, gender and family, marriage, the body
* Ritual and religion, language and linguistics, poetics, literacy, aesthetics, film, museums
* Relations with other disciplines (e.g. archaeology, sociology)

Формат: пдф/рар/4.6 МБ

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субота, 25. октобар 2008.

The Archaeology of Shamanism

The meaning of 'shamanism' has been debated for almost three centuries, ever since the term was coined to describe the activities of those who attained altered states of consciousness in order to mediate between human beings and the supernatural world. The ritual practices that characterised these perceived contacts with the immaterial have left highly physical traces in the archaeological record of prehistoric peoples, and the potential for the recognition of shamanic belief systems in the past is now being realised as never before.

In this timely collection, Neil Price provides a general introduction to the archaeology of shamanism by bringing together recent work on the subject. Blending theoretical discussion with detailed case studies, the issues addressed include shamanic material culture, responses to dying and the dead, shamanic soundscapes, the use of ritual architecture and shamanism in the context of other belief systems such as totemism. Following an initial orientation reviewing shamanism as an anthropological construct, the volume focuses on the Northern hemisphere with case studies from Greenland to Nepal, Siberia to Kazakhstan. The chapters span a chronological range from Upper Palaeolithic to the present and explore such cross-cutting themes as gender and the body, identity, landscape, social perceptions of animals, prehistoric 'art' as well as shamanic interpretations of rock art and shamanism in the heritage and cultural identity of indigenous peoples. The volume also addresses the interpretation of shamanic beliefs in terms of cognitive neuroscience and the modern public perception of prehistoric shamanism. This book is an essential study of ancient shamanism through its material remains. It serves as a source of front-line case studies for specialists, while making these discussions accessible to a broader public. Archaeologists, anthropologists, historians of religion and psychologists will find the volume a valuable work of reference, as will those interested in alternative religions and spiritual philosophies.

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Medieval Archaeology: An Encyclopedia

This is the first reference work to cover the archaeology of medieval Europe. No other reference can claim such comprehensive coverage -- from Ireland to Russia and from Scandinavia to Italy, the archaeology of the entirety of medieval Europe is discussed.
With coverage ranging from the fall of the western Roman empire in the 5th century CE through the end of the high Middle Ages in 1500 CE, Medieval Archaeology: An Encyclopedia answers the needs of medieval scholars from a variety of backgrounds, including archaeologists, historians and classicists. Featuring over 150 entries by an international team of leading archaeologists, this unique reference is soundly based on the most important developments and scholarship in this rapidly growing field.

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Умберто Еко - Како се пише дипломски рад

Формат: пдф/583 КБ

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Авари: осврт на њихову етногенезу и повијест - Емил Хершак

Формат: пдф/1.2 МБ

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Етногенеза Славена - Лујо Маргетић

Формат: пдф/290 КБ

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Archaeology of Asia

Формат: пдф/5.9 МБ

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North American Archaeology

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